Post Surgical Applications

Give your patients an intelligent way to decrease pain and inflammation during recovery.
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“Kelvi Cryo/Thermotherapy technology is truly incredible! The ShoulderPro wrap was super comfortable and fit the contours of my chest, delts and poster chain … and it was easy to slip on and off.”

Charlie, California

“Compared to [other devices], the Kelvi is much friendlier. No ice or water to refill. All I need to do is strap it on, hook it up, and turn it on. It is always at the ready.”

Patrick, California


“In terms of soreness [The Kelvi Pro]... just takes it away. I haven’t had any inflammation and my ROM is better than expected per my physical therapist. The ease of putting it on is fantastic, I don’t need to bother my wife at all. In fact, my 3-year-old helps me put it on, it's that easy.”

Adam, Texas

  • Safest Product on the Market

    • No ice, water or chemicals needed. No spills, stains, or wet spots
    • A digital thermometer is in each tile to measure the skin temperature and ensure exact treatment
    • No frostbite, no burn. Keeps skin dry
    • Constant monitoring system provides a safe and effective treatment

  • Customized to Your Treatment Needs

    • Individualized treatments for individualized needs
    • Decreased pain and swelling with our custom parameters
    • Fit and pressure can be adjusted throughout treatment for a comfortable experience

White Glove Rental Program

For a more effective road to recovery, follow these three simple steps to improve your recovery.

  1. Ask your Physician prescribe Kelvi as your modality of choice.

  2. A Kelvi device will be personally delivered to you. During delivery, you'll also receive education on its use and benefits.

  3. Utilize your Kelvi to decrease pain and swelling. We'll pick it up at the end of your rental period. 

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