The Kelvi App

Take control, whether in the same room or from halfway around the world.
Be first to the future with Kelvi Pro — the only internet- and Bluetooth-connected cryo/thermotherapy device with its own mobile app. Designed for athletes, athletic trainers and therapists, the Kelvi app runs on iOS and Android devices, and puts pinpoint, precise control of therapy at your fingertips.
  • Customize Therapy Protocols

    • Create highly tailored courses of therapy by varying temperature and pressure over any period of time
    • Precisely control treatment settings, with single-degree, to-the-second accuracy
    • Take full advantage of the rapid heat/cold cycling capability to automate contrast therapies
    • Program and store customized and specific courses of therapy targeted to types of injuries and individual athletes

  • Archive and Access Treatment Data

    • Record, track and store treatment history for individual athletes
    • Monitor and verify treatment completion
    • Create and manage treatment calendars
    • Map therapy protocols to recovery results, and apply the evidence to improve your methods