Kelvi Pro Device

Kelvi Pro
The first system that brings Internet-era technology to cryo/thermotherapy for athletic recovery

The End of Ice

  • No ice or ice-and-water solutions, no bulky refrigeration or heaters
  • Heats and cools using semiconductors at the point of skin contact

Convenient & Precise

  • Totally self-contained: wrap, connect, select temperature, and go
  • Unprecedented precision — regulates based on skin temperature measurement and adjusts in seconds

Digital Technology

  • Cloud-connected and programmable; varies temperature over time under software control
  • Mobile app for storing protocols, monitoring and tracking treatment

For Sports Teams and Training Rooms

Get heating, cooling and adjustable pressure in a compact unit that’s completely programmable through the Kelvi app. Store and preprogram multiple courses of therapy for different injuries and athletes. Monitor their therapy, and store archived treatment histories via the internet.

For Trainers and Physical Therapists

Doing away with ice hassles is only one of the advantages. Kelvi Pro brings unprecedented temperature precision and control to therapy. Program longer, more sustained therapies without tissue-freezing risks, execute rapid-cycle contrast therapies, and control them all via the Kelvi app.

For Elite Athletes

Why are you still messing around with ice? Get Kelvi Pro, the modern-day solution for hot and cold therapy with adjustable pressure. No more ice bags or mixing ice-and-water solutions. It both heats and cools, in a compact electronic device you can carry with one hand. 

League-Leading Statistics


Unprecedented Precision

Regulates based on skin temperature measurements and adjusts in seconds to within one degree


World-Class Speed

Cycles between maximum cold and maximum heat in 1-3 minutes (varies with surface area of therapy site)


Total Portability

Heats and cools without bulky ice – the compact (18.03” length x 10.83” width x 6.50” height) unit can be carried with one hand